Wedding Photography at Sutton Register Office and the Holiday Inn Sutton

Claire and Darren married at Sutton Register Office in October. Russettings that houses Sutton Register Office was built in1985 and became Sutton Register Office in 1965. Darren and their two boys Harry and Jake arrived first, the boys suits matching their father’s.

Claire, her bridesmaid, mother and Darren’s mother arrived in style in a white stretch limo and were piped to the front entrance by Claire’s father playing the bagpipes, who, after this grand arrival performed his duty of giving his daughter away.  Harry and Jake who were ring bearers handed the rings to their parents during the ceremony. After family photos in the garden after the ceremony, Claire and Darren left for their reception at the Holiday Inn Sutton.

We wish Claire, Darren, Harry and Jake our best wishes for the future. Here are a few of their photos.

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