School Photos At Home

Over the years many of our clients have told us how disappointed they were with their child(ren)’s school photos. Some of the reasons parents gave:

  • Child looked untidy in the photo
  • Only one shot taken and the child had their eyes closed
  • The colour was not correct
  • Sizes of the photos were not standard so difficult to find a frame to fit
  • Children at different schools so they could not be photographed together
  • Very expensive
  • Had to buy a package with some sizes not wanted

Sound familiar? We can certainly do better!

  • Your child(ren) are photographed at home so you have control over their appearance
  • We take a number of shots and different poses so you have a choice
  • All our images go through our post production process including colour correction to get the best possible results
  • We print 8”x 6” as standard so you will easily be able to find a frame to fit
  • As we photograph your children at home it doesn’t matter if they attend different schools
  • As we use a green screen background you can choose a digital background that compliments the portrait
  • Our Home/School Session is affordably priced and includes 3((6”x8”) lab quality prints
  • You do not have to buy a package with sizes you don’t want
  • You can order additional 6”x8” prints or larger if you choose to do so
  • Photos can be printed at the end of the session or you can choose to select from your own online private passworded gallery in the comfort of your own home
  • Why not double up with an other family and make a saving on the session fee?

If you would like more information about our Home/School service please call us on 020 8133 8742 or send an E-mail to

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