Introducing Our New Mobile Studio

Have you thought many times about having a studio portrait created but never got round to it? Worried about going to a high street studio? Concerned that in a strange environment your little one will stress? Would like to include an elderly relative in the portrait but getting to a studio may be too much for them? Would the studio have wheel chair access? Would the studio have parking near by? Would like to include your pet but afraid that a studio may not be pet friendly?

These may be some of your concerns, I’m sure there are plenty more. How about having a studio portrait created without leaving the comfort of your home? All you need it 3 square metres of space (unless you want to include 4 -6 people the space can be smaller). Suitable for photographing all ages. The same equipment as a high street studio with professional lighting only mobile. A professional result. With it’s green screen and our software you can choose your favourite background from our selection to match your decor or personality.

If you have questions or would like to know more please call us on 020 8133 8742 or send an E-mail to

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