Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you cover?

We are based near Epsom in Surrey but are happy to travel within 25 miles of Epsom.

Are you insured?

Yes we carry Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What is your style of photography?

I suppose you could say contemporary – a mixture of photojournalism telling the story of the day, traditional set up shots and creative portraits of the bride and groom but we are happy to adapt this to your requirements.

Do you shoot in black and white and well as colour?

As we work digitally any photo can be changed to black and white at any time.

Do you take group shots?

Yes, I always advise this as it is a good way to make sure that you have a photo of everyone who attended and it keeps parents and grandparents happy! However, too many can spoil the smooth running of the day,I usually suggest around 8- 10 (depending on the number of guests) is about right.

Do you carry spare equipment?

Yes always! We bring at least one spare and often two of everything, cameras, flashguns, batteries and cards.

How many images do we get?

This is difficult as it depends on so many things, the package you choose, the timings of the day, whether you have one, two of three venues etc… As a guide, for a 2 hour package you would probably view around 80 – 100 images  For a 4-5 hour package you would probably view around 150 – 200+  and for a whole day between 250 – 400. You have the option to buy additional images or all your edited images if this is not included in your package.

We love your work and would like to book you, how do we do this?

If possible I like to meet with you for an informal chat about your requirements and show you our work and the albums we offer. If it is not possible for us to meet we have a Booking Form on the website which you can complete and there is a deposit of £100.00 to secure the date.

When do we have to pay for the remainder of the package?

Two weeks before the big day, but you can pay anytime before then or if it helps you can pay in instalments as long as it is paid by 2 weeks before the day.

How long before we can see our photos?

Post production usually takes around a fortnight to three weeks to complete in off peak times, but at busy times this can longer.

What do you mean by edited images?

We take your photos as RAW files, so the first part of our post production workflow is to sort or edit the images. We take a number of duplicates so that we can choose the best and a few test images to check the lighting. These would be discarded as would any shots with poor expressions, or that haven’t worked. The rest are processed and enhanced to make them look their best and prepare them for printing. This includes cropping and removing any minor imperfections, notices or signs that may unavoidably be in the background of a picture. These finished images are called the edited images.

Will our images be copyright free?

While we retain the copyright, your images will be not be watermarked and and we give you licence to print and share them. You are not allowed to do is to sell them commercially, but you probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

Can guests order photos?

Yes, you will be given a password to your online gallery which you can pass on to relatives and friends. Here they will be able to download digital images and order prints and products.

How soon are our images available to view in our online gallery?

Normally your images will be uploaded onto our website soon after your viewing and you will be given a password to share with your relatives and friends.

Can we choose our photos online or do we have to come to you for a viewing?

You can opt to choose your photos online, but if you come for a viewing you will be given a slideshow set to music – couples love being able to relive the day together. You will be able to discuss your album, have a look at our selection and be able to choose your images together using our special software, which by the way it works, makes choosing easier.

Why do we need a pre-wedding meeting?

I always like to meet with couples around a month to six weeks before the big day. We often meet at the venue(s) which gives us an opportunity to check out the best places for the photos. We talk about the timings, how the day will plan out, make a list of the group shots and a wet weather plan just in case! You can ask questions, I can also give you some tips on posing but in any case it’s always nice to get to know each other a little before the big day.

Do you require a meal on the day?

It is kind of you to ask, if we are working just up to the start of the meal we usually leave then, so wouldn’t require food but if we are working through the evening then yes please – photographers get hungry too!

I don’t like my photo taken can you help?

Yes, I can give you tips on posing at the pre-wedding meeting, It may be a good idea to have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, that way you get practice working with me and find out what works for you.

Can I upgrade my package if I find I have more money after the wedding?

Yes, of course you can, all our packages are flexible. You can add more prints, or digital images, add an album or wall art or any of our package extras.