What is the Difference Between a Kiosk and an Open Photo Booth?

A Photo Booth is a great form of entertainment and fun even the camera shy will be happy to have their photo taken with a silly prop or two. Suitable for all ages, from toddler to great-granny. With two main types to choose from which is the best type for your occasion?

Here I attempt to compare the pros and cons of each type.

Closed Photo Booth/Kiosk or Open Photo Booth? Many people will have used a Kiosk in a local shop or supermarket to take a photo for your passport or driving licence. A Closed Booth operates in a very similar manner. An Open Photo Booth is a mobile studio.

Lighting A Closed Booth is usually lit through a panel or panels directly facing you, not the most flattering way to light your face. An Open Booth will usually have a professional lighting set up giving more flattering lighting.

Timed Exposure A Closed Booth has a countdown timer which will fire the camera whether you are posed ready for the shot or not, you may end up with poorly focused or bleary photos. An Open Booth may have this system but if it has it will usually give you the opportunity to check your pose on a screen before you take the shot. Best of all it will have a photographer in attendance who will advise you on your use of props and pose for the look you want to create and wait for you to be ready before taking the shot.

Space A small Kiosk may be suitable if space is limited, but so is the number of people that can squeeze in. Two may be all a small kiosk can accommodate. Some are larger and may take four people. An Open Booth will take more floor space but the whole gang can be photographed together. A bride with a large dress may have difficulty squeezing into a Kiosk on her own without leaving room for her husband or guests. With an Open Booth this is not a problem.

Props Props for a Closed Booth tend to be smaller because of space. It would be difficult to bring large inflatable props and people into a kiosk. With an Open Photo Booth there is plenty of space to use props of all sizes.

Backgrounds Kiosk Booths often have just one background, although there are now some that offer green screen where you can choose from a range of digital backgrounds. However this can cause a problem as the green can affect overall colour and if a guest has green clothing they may end up with a part of their body missing! An Open Booth with green screen and a professional photographer in attendance who will take your photo and operate the printer, will usually colour correct and eliminate this problem in the software before printing your photo.

Prints A Kiosk will usually print a strip of small photos. An Open Booth can print larger photos, our standard size is 4”x6.” We are now also offering a digital option where you can go to a private online gallery after the event and download and print as many copies as you like. The advantage is that as there is no waiting for your print guests can experience the fun continuously.

Conclusion While a small kiosk may take less space for versatility an Open Booth is a better option – flattering lighting, focused, sharp prints, more people can get into one shot, allows for larger and more interesting props and larger prints. Both types may offer a green screen option, but the Kiosk may not be able to eliminate problems mentioned above, where as an Open Booth with a professional photographer with the right software and knowledge of the process is more able to achieve better results.

The Photo Booth at the Occasion You want your guests to make use of the Booth so let them know early on that it available, sign posting if necessary. The normal time for Booth hire is 3 hours. To ensure that you get the best results from a Photo Booth always compare results from different providers.

Here are some sample images produced by our set up.

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